Egyptian Ophthalmological Society

EOS is a scientific society that was founded on December 20, 1902.

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Membership Rules


     1 - Active member; who was elected according to the rules of the society.

     2 - Honorary member; a highly-qualified ophthalmologist, or an ophthalmologist who offered a  well-recognized services to the society,
                can be promoted and elected as an honorary member.


      1 - He should be legally competent for political rights.

      2 - He should be medically certified according to Egyptian rules.

      3 - Egyptian physicians should be members of the physician’s syndicate, while non-Egyptians are promoted and elected according to society regulations.


Membership is terminated in case of:

     1 - Written resignation.

     2 - Death.

     3 - Loss of requirement’s fulfillment.

     4 - Unethical or undignified behavior.

Payment delay of the annual fee for 3 successive years

Address Details
The main office of the society is located in Cairo,EGYPT
Address: 42 Kasr El-Einy St. Cairo, EGYPT.
Tel. (202)27923941 & (202)27923942
Fax (202)27941538
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