Egyptian Ophthalmological Society

EOS is a scientific society that was founded on December 20, 1902.

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Honory Member of the Society

1946    Dr. E.P. Wilson: 618, Highate, New Zeeland.
1947    Dr. Ramon Castroviejo: Miguel Angel, 1, Duplicado, Madrid 10, Spain.
1959    Prof. Yukihiko Mitsui: Dept; of Ophthalmology, Tokushima University School of Medicine, Tokushima 770, Japan.
1962    Prof. Dr. Custodis: Augenkink, Med. Akademic, Dusseldorf.
1977    Prof. Jules Francois: 15 de Smet de Naeyer Plain, 9000 gand Belgium.
1983    Prof. John S. Kennerdell: Eye and ear hospital of Pittsburgh. 230 Lothrop Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15213. U.S.A.
1984    Prof. Wallace Foulds: Tennent Institute, Western Infirmary. Glasgpw G 116 NT.
1984    Prof. Charles Schepens: Retina Foundation, 20 Stainford Street, Mass. 02114, U.S.A.
1986    Prof. L. Missotten: Department of Ophthalmology, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium.

For any alterations or correction In names, qualifications or address, etc., please communicate with the Hon. Secretary.

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The main office of the society is located in Cairo,EGYPT
Address: 42 Kasr El-Einy St. Cairo, EGYPT.
Tel. (202)27923941 & (202)27923942
Fax (202)27941538
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